How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment?

Now, Artificial intelligence is one of the main topics when it comes to recruitment trends. And that is mainly due to the fact that when we talk about the use of AI in the recruitment process we’re no longer discussing a future possibility.AI was not used in recruitment to automate certain tasks such as sourcing, screening & interview scheduling. Now, we aware businesses to pay close attention to developments here to ensure they didn’t fall behind the times, especially when leading technology competitors were making rapid developments in terms of virtual interviewing & automated screening & sourcing.

AI-Powered Assistants (Chat bots):

Earlier, in recruitment we were not using any automation process , that’s why recruiters faces problems to connect with candidates . Now , They are working to reduce the time to hire and increase numbers of successfully completed applications.

Chat bots examples are here such as ‘Mya’ and ‘Olivia’ Mya is designed to manage sourcing, screening and scheduling and uses machine learning to create candidate profiles, shortlist applicants and pick up on details in chat bot conversation. Olivia engages with candidates via the web, various mobile platforms and/or social channels.

Relationship building with Candidates:

A good relationship plays an important role in every business. Here recruitment is the process in which candidate face problems like sourcing, screening and scheduling, but AI made it easy.

An AI platform has helped companies proactively build relationships with passive candidates while also reducing hiring cycles and generating hiring data. Although a highly refined piece of technology one can’t help but agree that this particular use of AI is creating stronger relationships with candidates by treating them like its most valuable customers – something that perhaps often gets lost in the rush and hurry of recruitment.

Virtual Interviews:

In earlier time, recruiter used to call candidates in their premises for interviews , but now increasing number of automated and non-automated video interview platforms on the market, offering companies the opportunity to sample a candidate face-to-face without having to invest the time in interviewing them until they reach a final stage interview. AI platforms used by larger corporate who have far larger applicant numbers, now use automated AI video interviewing platforms which automatically record candidates’ answers, create candidate profiles and send them to relevant hiring managers.

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