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What's stopping your business from achieving the desired growth?
It can be various things. Mr. Shesha Mohanty, the business development expert at Salesflying helps you discover those loopholes and provide solutions to fill those gaps.

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Hey there!

I'm Shesha Mohanty

I believe that the tallest buildings start with a single brick; it doesn’t matter how you started, it matters where you reach. So, I help people improve their sales and grow their businesses.

There are words that you like to use while having a conversation, and then there are words that inspire you. The word that motivates me a lot is FEELING. If you feel your love, you can speak to your lover at any distance. If you feel your job, you will enjoy it. I take pride in saying I feel my business.

I have more than 20 years of experience of developing successful business as an entrepreneurship expert and I am the founder of Montek Services, BrandPerl, Msuite, Recruitment Institute and Universal kids.


Business Consulting

At Salesflying, I offer comprehensive business consulting services aimed at optimizing sales strategies and driving sustainable growth.

With my extensive expertise as a business consultant, I assist clients in identifying areas for improvement, implementing effective sales processes, and maximizing their revenue potential.

Technology Consulting

Salesflying specializes in providing technology consulting services that help businesses leverage cutting-edge solutions to enhance their operations. With a deep understanding of industry trends and emerging technologies, I guide clients in developing digital transformation strategies, optimizing their IT infrastructure, and harnessing the power of innovative tools to achieve their business goals.

automate business process

Salesflying offers expert business automation consulting services, assisting companies in streamlining their processes and increasing operational efficiency through the implementation of automated solutions. By analyzing existing workflows and identifying opportunities for automation, I help organizations save time and resources while improving productivity and scalability.


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Want to learn how to master sales and business development? Here are some blogs by Shesha Mohanty which can help you not only master them but also to achieve greater business success by applying them to your business.

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As an entrepreneurship expert, I’m here to help you develop your business to a great level using my business skills and expertise in this industry.

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