How to attack Passive Candidate

Ask any recruiter – some of their best hires were the passive candidate. What is a passive candidate? One career site defined it as this “A passive candidate is someone who is not looking for a job, but would be open to taking one if the right opportunity came along.”

The passive candidate can quickly become active if the right opportunity comes along. They key now is, how recruiters, human resource professionals and small business owners attract the passive candidate?

1.Become a speaker

By speaking at industry events, networking meetings and job clubs, you can make connections with professionals that are active and passive. Your presence and presentation can speak volumes about the company.

2. Blogging

Writing a blog that gets picked up by social media and/or is published within forums/message boards and social groups within your industry is a great way to reach out to passive job seekers.

3. In the news

Get your company to create an In the News section on your web site. Promote that page through social media. It serves as an aggregator of areas where your company expertise has been shared, positioning the company as a thought leader in the field.

4. Press releases

Got a big announcement? Someone win an award or get a promotion? Promote that through your local newspaper (yes newspaper) and it can bring further attention to your company. Who hasn’t read about a company in the Sunday paper then went online to research them based on that type of announcement?

5. Monthly newsletter

Create a monthly newsletter and send out articles that include thought leadership and industry news. In the newsletter, include a link to your jobs, or perhaps a “featured job of the month” highlighting a certain opening.

6. Follow-up

Reach out to candidates you’ve worked with or placed in the past. Just continue to harness the relationship. They may be considering a move but haven’t put in the time to start a search. Reaching out to them can kick start that search – and put you or your company in the forefront of their search.

7. Use your own employees

Take the time to tell current employees about an employee referral program in place – and how you rely on team members to help attract new team members. Reference any referral bonuses in place. Share this info on the company Intranet, and in internal communications, like a newsletter or blog.

8. Social media tools

Such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, among other…….Engage job seeker with different post, group discussion, question answer method.

9. Business Club

Business club are ease place to relax and meet many professional. I can say a great place to network and keep personal touch.

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